1949 - Thomas Ennor starts his General Engineering business in a former blacksmith's shop at 137 Davidson St Deniliquin NSW and trades as T R Ennor.
1951 - August 2 Tom purchases buildings and land at 131 – 133 Davidson St Deniliquin and relocates to this address.
1953 - Lyceum Theatre building purchased in July. Building dismantled and rebuilt at 133 Davidson St during December. Allan Ennor and family relocate from Bendigo to Deniliquin and the partnership Ennor Bros. is formed also in December.
1966 - April - Ian Ennor starts full time with the business having previously worked during school vacations.
1968 - June 30 – Tom Ennor retires. Allan Ennor assumes control and a new partnership A Ennor & Co is formed.
1979 - June 30 – Allan Ennor retires. Ian Ennor assumes control. Business is incorporated and name changed to Ennor Engineering Pty Ltd.
1980 - Production of disc bankers begins. Early design work on disc ploughs put into practice.
1984 - Regular production of disc ploughs begins. Ploughs sold through Central West Tractors.
1987 - Ploughs sold through Bob C Healey.
1990 - Production area quadrupled with purchase of Former Trevor Jones Steel Fabrications factory.
1993 - Consolidation of the Davidson St and Barham Rd factories at Barham Rd.
1996 - Purchase of first delivery prime mover and trailer. Fitting of 35 tonne / metre radio controlled crane.
1997 - Resumption of full responsibility for marketing. Company now controls all parts of the product cycle from concept to commissioning.
1998 - Purchase in October of first CNC machine, an Okuma LB300 lathe.
2001 - Purchase of the second CNC machine, a three axis Deckel Maho DMU 50T machining centre.
2002 - Extension of the factory with climate controlled section for all CNC production. Installation of the third CNC machine, a five axis Deckel Maho DMC 125U machining centre.
2006 - Purchase of second delivery prime mover and trailer, consisting of a Scania R580 & 48' drop deck trailer fitted with 37 tonne / metre radio controlled crane.

Ennor Engineering Pty Ltd was named and incorporated in 1979 when current director Ian Ennor took over the family business from his father Allan. The origins of the business date to 1949 when Allan’s brother, Tom, moved from Bendigo to Deniliquin and set up a general engineering business, trading as T R Ennor. At that stage Tom had a '38 Chev car, a '39 Bedford truck and hand tools, some of which had been hand made by his father. He began work in an old blacksmith's shop near the Brick Kiln Creek at 137 Davidson St. Deniliquin, formerly operated by W J Musty.

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