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New Filler disc assembly

The new filler disc assembly has been released.

Units are already in the field and have been fitted to all new machines since 2014, units are also available to existing clients. 

The new assembly manufactured by Ennor Engineering in Australia from billet steel features tapered roller bearings running in an oil-bath with Duo-Cone seals. The disc is manufactured to our specifications in Europe with the Ennor brand name.

The stub axle is a large 70mm diameter & bearing journals of 50mm, the shaft is very short to eliminate bending in the case of high loads or an impact.

The assembly utilises the disc as the bearing cap, which greatly reduces the chance of the unit catching fence posts or trees.

The hubs' bolt pattern is designed to accept discs from 20" through to 26". The standard disc fitted is 22".

Shear bolts are also fitted to save the assembly in case of an extreme impact.

Ennor is the only manufacturer in Australia producing oil-bath bearing systems.

The new design will fit to all existing machines.