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A disc harrow serves a crucial role in any farming operation, preparing the soil for sowing or planting by tearing up weeds and their roots, breaking up clods of soils or surface crusts, and creating better soil uniformity. This step in the agriculture process can dictate how successful your crop will be in the long run, so you shouldn’t trust a second-rate piece of equipment or a dull disc harrow blade. At Ennor Engineering, we can provide reliable equipment and parts required to give your crops the great foundation they need.

What Sets Ennor Engineering Apart Regarding Disc Harrow Parts and Equipment

Why should you trust Ennor Engineering as a supplier for pasture harrows and disc harrow parts? Here are a few factors that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Our longevity and experience. The Ennor Engineering brand was incorporated more than 40 years ago, in 1979. The business reaches back much further than that, though, all the way to the 1940s and a small general engineering business that set up shop in an old blacksmithing studio. Our 70+ year background gives us an in-depth knowledge of agricultural techniques and best practices, which in turn informs the engineering behind the equipment we make and sell.
  • Our focus on customer experience. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our 70 years, it’s how much the customer’s experience matters. We aren’t making our products in a vacuum, which means we need to be responsive to what our customers have to say about what we sell and how we sell it. Our engineers are all dedicated to delivering the finest customer experience possible, whether that means perfecting every design before it goes into production or providing customer service that is friendly, helpful, and resolution-oriented.
  • Our quality control. Even with a wealth of experience and a team of engineers who do their best every day, our best intentions could go awry if we weren’t paying close attention to our quality control. That’s why we keep everything we do in-house, from concept design to engineering to production, sales, and commissioning. Our end-to-end approach eliminates intermediaries or outside contractors from the equation and gives us a better way to ensure premium product quality.

Key Questions to Ask Ennor Engineering Regarding Disc Harrow Model

What is the right offset disc harrow model for you? What size of disc harrow blade do you need for your agricultural operation? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself that will make choosing the right plough easier:

  • What is the desired cut for your disc harrow? Our discs can achieve depths of cut ranging from two inches (50mm) to 12 inches (300mm).
  • How fast do you need your plough to be? Based on disc spacing and the number of discs, we can tell you how many acres or hectares per hour our machines can cut.
  • What cutting width do you prefer? We can calculate cutting width for our power harrow discs by considering your tractor horsepower and your desired depth of cut.

We have calculators on our website designed to answer all three these questions for you—and to point you towards the right equipment for the job.

Why Trust Ennor Engineering Regarding Power Harrow Equipment?

Our experience, combined with our drive to deliver just what you need in a highly quality-controlled fashion, has made us a trusted partner for Australian farmers for decades. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today.

Ennor Engineering

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