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Reliable Tandem Discs or Offset Discs for Your Farming Operation

Ennor Engineering
Ennor Engineering

Top Quality Services

Our engineers concentrate on providing you with top quality, both in engineering products and customer service.

Ennor Engineering

70 Years of Experience

Consult with Ennor Engineering to gain access to our 70 years of experience and expertise in the industry.

Ennor Engineering

End to End Services

All of our services, from concept through to sales and commissioning, is managed in-house at our factory.

Whether you primarily use tandem discs for ploughing your farm, offset discs, or a mix of both for different areas and types of cropland, Ennor Engineering can help. With a long history of excellence in Australian agriculture, we can help you achieve better success rates and crop yields.

What You Can Expect from Ennor Engineering Regarding Cultivator Discs

Whether you choose a tandem disc harrow or an offset disc plough, you can trust Ennor Engineering as your manufacturer and supplier for quality disc implements. Here’s why:

  • We know our stuff. Our business dates back to 1949 (though we officially incorporated the Ennor Engineering business name in 1979). Our decades of engineering, manufacturing, customer service, and agricultural knowledge have helped us perfect our designs and deliver tools that serve their intended functions reliably and consistently.
  • We offer industry-leading quality. We use the heaviest frame sections in the industry and have a team of engineers that pays close attention to every single aspect of design. The result is a range of products that farmers can count on—not just today or tomorrow, but for years or even decades to come. There is a reason why our offset and tandem disc plough products have the highest resale value in the industry.
  • We cut out the middlemen. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, rather than purchasing through an intermediary. We’ve built out our business to offer a true end-to-end solution, simply because of how much we care about customer experience and value-packed pricing.

The Benefits of a Tandem Disc Harrow from Ennor Engineering

When you use cultivator discs and machinery from Ennor Engineering, we believe you’ll notice the difference right away. Just for the sake of conversation, though, here are a few benefits you can expect from one of our tandem disc harrows:

  • Durable frame sections. As we’ve already mentioned, our disc cultivator harrows incorporate heavier frame sections than is standard anywhere else in the industry. Frame sections range from 9mm in thickness to 16mm. The thicker the wall section, the more durable the equipment—a big reason why our equipment is known for such impressive longevity.
  • Positive depth control. Our ploughs feature a mechanical positive depth control system, which is superior to the hydraulic depth control setup that is typical on ploughs. The mechanical designs are better not just for controlling the depth of the cut, but also horsepower usage.
  • More accurate tracking. We design our machines to pair well with tractors that feature GPS steering systems. They incorporate accurate tracking that makes it easier to automate certain parts of the farming process.

Why Ennor Engineering Is Cost-Effective

Because we build our machines to last, you can expect to get years of excellent service from them—and more than your money’s worth—when you buy. Alternatively, if you do decide to sell, our machines tend to retain 70-75 percent of their value even after a decade of use. Either way, count on us as a cost-effective option for offset discs or tandem discs. Contact us today to learn more.

Ennor Engineering

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