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Consult with Ennor Engineering to gain access to our 70 years of experience and expertise in the industry.

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All of our services, from concept through to sales and commissioning, is managed in-house at our factory.

When the time comes to break up soil and till the land in preparation for planting, no piece of hardware gets the job done as effectively as a tractor disc. From aerating the soil and improving the ability of water to penetrate the ground, to ploughing under weeds and other top-soil refuse, these harrows are incredibly versatile and useful. However, they also represent a significant investment for your operation, and it is crucial to choose a tractor plough that will not frequently go for maintenance. At Ennor Engineering, an Australian agricultural business with a 70-year pedigree, we directly manufacture and sell these implements to operations of every size. With a fully-equipped workshop, we also provide spare parts and post-sales support to all our customers.

Key Questions to Ask Ennor Engineering About a Tractor Harrow

When preparing to invest in a new plough, understanding everything there is to know about the hardware should be your first step. You’re in luck, too: our team relishes the opportunity to have conversations about our discs and how they may support your goals on the job. What are some of the best questions to ask should you contact us for a more detailed discussion? Here are some excellent starting points to consider:

  • How heavy are your frame sections? What kind of use and abuse can they endure, and how do they stand up to real-world field conditions? Employing the heaviest frame sections in the industry, we’ll provide lots to love with our answers.
  • Do you have equipment suitable for fields of any size? What about substantial plots? What about small acreage farms? Which option is best for my needs?
  • How can I get the most out of my investment? What is the ideal maintenance plan, and how do I ensure my hardware lasts as long as possible?

The Benefits of a Tractor Disc Plough from Ennor Engineering

A quick look at the options we provide regarding a plough for their tractor, reveals that our hardware confers many benefits upon its users. From their sturdy construction to their customisability, there is much to love about tilling the toil using an Ennor Engineering plough. What are some of the other key benefits to keep in mind as you think about an investment?

  • We source only the highest quality products from domestic manufacturers and trusted, fully vetted overseas suppliers.
  • We’ve designed our solutions to be easy to repair. When you encounter a breakdown on the job, a handful of essential tools and our spare parts combine for an easy fix.
  • Highly customisable disc solutions, plus technology such as mechanical depth, stops to ensure safe, effective operation.

About Ennor Engineering

Originating back in 1949, Ennor Engineering incorporated into its current status in 1979 as a family-owned and operated business. Today, we continue to carry on that legacy, using our decades of experience to identify needs in our industries and to address them better than anyone else. The high re-sale rate of our equipment across the agricultural sector speaks to the enduring quality of what we produce.

To find out more about purchasing a disc harrow for your needs, contact us today.

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